About Us


Bluefield’s mission is to provide a bridge from treatment to successful integration into the collegiate community. Integral to this transition is the emphasis on the wide range of emotional, social, and intellectual skills that lead to successful and meaningful academic achievement. Because recovery touches all aspects of a student’s life, Bluefield provides support for academic advancement, social connection, physical well-being and spiritual growth.

Fostering recovery through community

Treatment leads to recovery and recovery needs ongoing effort and support. Our team at Bluefield has put together a community of support that integrates  students’ recoveries with their collegiate experiences. From developing an individualized recovery plan to having staff with significant personal recovery (often in an academic setting), we work with the student to instill the excitement for learning again that had been lost during the pain and isolation associated with the disease of addiction.

As students progress in their recovery, officials at colleges and universities expect students to be ready for academic rigor balanced with healthy recovery. Our relationships with university administration, faculty, and campus recovery communities, plus experience in academic support and planning, distinguishes what we offer students to encourage academic success.

Students participating in Bluefield have the opportunity to re-engage academically without many of the distractions that were problematic in previous efforts to obtain a top-notch education. With structured schedules, educational programs, group meals, weekend adventure trips our students are equipped to have fun in a healthy way while pursuing their university education.

Staff members reinforce the commitment to wellness, personal development, and high academic standards. Our recovery coaches are complemented by a dedicated professional staff who understand recovery from a personal, clinical, and therapeutic perspective. Best practice science, blended with a commitment to building a recovery community that respects and supports the individual and the relationships needed to sustain new habits are what we are all about.


Program approach

Addiction is a disease. It affects all aspects of an individual’s life. We help students embrace a structured recovery that strengthens their body, addresses psychological or psychiatric challenges, expands their social world and deepens their spiritual connection.

  • Recovery plans developed for each student provide the structural foundation for personal growth.
  • Academic guidance, support, and advocacy coordinated and delivered by our team affords the recovering student the best chance to restore academic standing.
  • Success is derived from responsible participation in community, constructing new habits of healthful living.
  • Social interaction and learning life skills are integral to the recovery process.
  • Family centered care produces the best results. By involving the family system in recovery, students are more likely to experience long-term success.
  • The disease of addiction impacts a one’s biology, psychology, social context, and spirituality. The Bluefield experience improves these life dimensions thus giving the student the collegiate success he or she desires and deserves.