Do 12 Step Programs Work For Teens?

This source examines a study by Sussman (2011), who found that teens whoattend 12-step meetings are 2-3 times more likely to demonstrate sustained recovery. However, this newsletter points out that teens are less likely to show up for meetings than adults. It is suggested that treatment resources focus on meeting attendance in order to achieve higher long-term abstinence rates among teens. Tendencies toward autonomy-seeking and the need for social acceptance point to potential barriers and opportunities to teens attending meetings and participation in 12-step programs. This article is designed to inform treatmentpractitioners, medical professionals and families of teen addicts and alcoholics. 

 Daily attendance of 12 step programs is an integral part of a Bluefield student’s recovery. We also provide time for students to engage in fellowship with members of the local 12 step community. We also work with students to ensure they attain a sponsor and begin the process of working the 12 steps. In addition, our Recovery Coaches provide students with a strong model of recovery in the 12 step community. All of our coaches attended college in the area during their recovery, so they can share their experience, strength and hope with our students to provide a path of recovery that includes strong academic performance. 

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