Where is Bluefield located?

Bluefield is situated in the heart of North Carolina, serving a vibrant university community that is world renowned for its commitment to higher learning and an unparalleled way of life. With a nationally top-ranked business infrastructure, constantly listed as a best place to live for both singles and families, the Research Triangle area of North Carolina provides incredible opportunity. University students have daily access to cultural offerings in terms of recreation (less than three hours to the beach or the mountains), the arts, and a thriving ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship. With a strong collegiate rivalry comes a competitive drive that is very apparent in our student population—the inner desire to be victorious is very prevalent.

What is recovery coaching?

Recovery coaching provides individual strengths-based support for those in recovery. Our recovery coaches connect young adults to the young people’s recovery network in the Triangle and encourage their involvement in that community. Through both 12-step meetings and social activities, recovery coaches provide the post-treatment support that is so vital in a successful return to campus. Our recovery coaches have extensive experience with life in sobriety and all of our coaches experienced success maintaining their recovery while active in the collegiate community. Recovery coaches act as a guide to help young adults engage with the recovering community.

What is collegiate recovery?

Collegiate recovery is a movement on college campuses to provide students a supportive environment to remain drug and alcohol free. Some universities offer both recovery and academic resources so that recovering “students do no have to sacrifice one for the other.”

What is the best way to prevent a relapse?

The majority of people who complete treatment relapse within one year. Ninety percent of licensed professionals, however, maintain sobriety after a year due to strong mentorship programs required by their professional associations. Working with a recovery coach provides young adults returning from treatment the support and mentorship they need, especially when returning to college.

Do you offer drug screens?

Yes, we do offer drug screening as part of our recovery coaching services. Each negative screen is a way to celebrate the young adult’s continued success and growth in recovery.

What academic help do you offer?

We have key relationships at local universities, tutors, and academic planning resources on staff. Staff at local schools partner with us to get students back on track academically.