George Huguely Trial: Excessive Alcohol Consumption A Recurring Issue

Alcohol On Campus


alcohol. Photo courtesy of stopalcoholdeaths(CC Attribution)

This article covers the issue of college-age binge-drinking by examining a tragic instance in which inordinate inebriation led to violent behavior and death. It highlights the culture of acceptance surrounding excessive alcohol consumption, especially among peer groups with shared experience such as participation in college sports. The story suggests that treatment strategies address the growing trend in the “culture” of heavy drinking among young people. The information is relevant to college students, adolescents, parents, college administrators, campus medical staff and treatment practitioners.

Given the binge drinking culture on many college campuses today, it can be extremely difficult for students to return to campus, even after months of abstinence and treatment. All too often, students return from treatment with a solid base of recovery, but falter once they are exposed to the drinking culture on campus. Many recovering students feel isolated in an environment where alcohol consumption is an integral part of many students’ lives. At Bluefield, we provide students with a University Recovery Community, where students can feel a part of a group, rather than apart from the rest of campus. Living in an environment that nurtures recovery allows students to find their place on campus in ways other than drinking or using drugs. Our students get involved with clubs on campus, write for their school’s newspaper and enjoy recreational activities through their university. This allows students to meet new people and make new connections in environments that aren’t centered around alcohol consumption. By focusing on recovery first in our University Recovery Community, our students are able to feel a part of their campus instead of feeling isolated from a culture of drinking and using.

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