Our program emphasizes the structure and skills that adults need to live a healthy, productive, and successful life. Accountability and encouragement, combined with regular feedback is our way of staying connected with you.  Our Program Coordinator provides a schedule of updates to keep parents informed.  Our team communicates with parents on a regular basis regarding educational, personal, and recovery accomplishments.

We help students celebrate their recovery while expanding their collegiate experience and striving towards scholastic success. By placing their recovery first, students are freed to discover a renewed passion for learning and clarity of mind to embrace their personal and academic growth. We provide clinical oversight and have strong connections locally with those who provide treatment. We actively work with Collegiate Recovery Communities on multiple campuses.

Our location affords participants amazing experiences: immersion in a thriving Southern metropolitan area but with the necessary support to be productive; numerous networking experiences; world-class educational institutions; and a broad array of career paths and positive influences to allow our students to pursue their passion.

Bridge Year

Many students need an additional year to get their lives back on track and gain acceptance into a school of their choice. We work with graduates of recovery high schools, college students needing to rebuild their academic records, and others who similarly could benefit from a year of transition. Our students enroll in courses for credit, and/or audit courses often for a semester prior to re-entering full-time studies. During this transitional time, we have established best practices for recovery habits that often exceed the university requirements, but that are essential to equipping the students to overcome the challenges they will face upon re-entry.

Rates & Length of Stay

The success of the student in recovery is our main concern. Bluefield offers a fair and competitive price for such an extraordinary program.  The cost of a month at Bluefield is commensurate with other recovery coaching programs. A student may enter the community between semesters or in the summer. The student would participate in 12 step meetings and study skills support while applying and enrolling in college.