Recovery Coaching

What is recovery coaching?

Recovery coaching provides individual strengths-based support for those in recovery. Our recovery coaches connect young adults to the young people’s recovery network in the Triangle and encourage their involvement in that community. Through both 12-step meetings and social activities, recovery coaches provide the post-treatment support that is so vital in a successful return to campus. Our recovery coaches have extensive experience with life in sobriety and all of our coaches experienced success maintaining their recovery while active in the collegiate community. Recovery coaches act as a guide to help young adults engage with the recovering community.

Recovery coaches are on the ground level with our students, showing them proper meeting etiquette and act as a prime example of how to be of service in the recovery community. Our coaches can help ease the resistance to 12 step meetings that many young adults experience when leaving treatment and returning to campus. It is all too easy for recovering students to return to old haunts and old friends, so a recovery coach provides that extra support that is so crucial in those first few months. Many young people feel uncomfortable attending 12 step meetings alone, so our recovery coaches help ease that discomfort to give them the opportunity to recover. Coaches also help students find a sponsor and a home group, both of which are crucial for long-term sobriety.

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