Who We Serve

Who We Serve- Young Adults

student_SmallThe recovery landscape is vast; different approaches suit a variety of situations. At Bluefield, we are creating a plan that provides our students the greatest likelihood of succeeding in their efforts to resume higher education while acquiring life skills that will serve them well the remainder of their lives. In order to promote a healthy environment for students and staff, we have developed stringent selection criteria (not unlike the university admissions process that generated such high quality candidates).

Bluefield is a recovery coach and study support program for young adults who are committed to a path of recovery, self-discovery and academic excellence. This program will support students who primarily attend universities and colleges in the Research Triangle area. Some students seek involvement in Bluefield to rebuild their academic and personal lives. Many of the students will have completed primary substance abuse treatment and have involvement in 12 step programs before entering the program. The program teaches students necessary life skills to successfully maintain a home, manage their finances, their health, and their relationships. Students meet with their recovery coach to participate in a wide range of recovery activities including community service, AA and NA meetings, and integration into the college recovery communities in the area.  The professional staff at Bluefield help connect students with counseling or outpatient treatment provided off- site by local providers.

Admission Criteria

  • Students who want assistance in maintaining an  alcohol and drug free lifestyle focused on recovery
  • Enrolled or enrolling in a community college, an undergraduate or graduate program
  • Actively pursuing a life of recovery
  • Family commitment to supporting the student’s success through active involvement in Bluefield recovery programs
  • Completed application
  • Commitment of at least six months at Bluefield is highly recommended for sustained recovery (may begin any time of year)


We all live in a complicated tapestry of competing responsibilities, relationships, duties, academic pressures and basic life demands. Bluefield students learn to ask for help while they develop life skills such as: honoring the importance of their recovery; managing a balance between scholastic/work requirements and fun; handling personal finances; coping with the pressures of social connection free from alcohol and drugs and discovering their own spiritual purpose.